Olow Sweater Houle Navy
Olow Sweater Houle Navy

Olow Sweater Houle Navy

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100% organic cotton (GOTS certified)
Soft and warm interior
Embroidery by the artist Miles Tewson

OLOW is a French clothing brand, founded in 2006 in Montreuil (Paris suburb) by two friends, Mathieu Sorosina and Valentin Porcher.
Each of the collections is an invitation to travel, to discover, to meet people or to meet artists.
Collaborations are the essence of the brand. More than a hundred illustrators, photographers, painters, tattoo artists... (some of them internationally known such as Jean Jullien, Supakitch, Lucas Beaufort or Steven Harrington) have collaborated with OLOW at the moment.
All the production is located in Portugal, about sixty kilometers from Porto. The factories are family owned, and each of our partners on site ensures the well-being of their employees, both in terms of wages and working conditions.
In terms of materials, they mainly prefer environmentally friendly ones: organic cotton, linen, recycled wool, Italian spinning, water-based ink screen printing.